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The development of the history of the area contributes to create the atmosphere of charm and elegance that enshrouds Locanda Alpina; it started in 1853, when an inn for the reception of the wanderers was obtained from a nineteenth-century castle.

The management of the Segna family starts in 1933, with the great grandfather Ernesto, who takes the structure over and, together with his wife, who marvelously deals with the kitchen, runs Locanda Alpina for 33 years.

Ernesto transmits his passion to his children, and in 1966 Alberto dedicates himself to the enlargement of the structure, which permits to provide every room with a private bathroom. During this ownership, again, it’s Bruno’s wife the one who is skillfully in charge of the kitchen.


Reaching more modern periods, we get to 1988, when the current owner Danilo takes over the management of the structure and works in order to realize important interventions to adequate the offer to the customer’s necessities. The first work in 1994 aims to the extension and improvement of the area of the restaurant, strong point of the Segna management, and the last in 2004, to renovation of the second floor, with the creation of new and wide rooms.

Like in the past, today the kitchen is the unquestioned reign of the women of the house. As a matter of fact, it is Silvana, Danilo’s wife, the one who has inherited the power in the kitchen, offering unique dishes to the guests. A tradition which has been developing for almost a century, and which keeps living in the details, in the attention and the cure that the Segna family dedicates to its guests.


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